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Welcome to How To Get Elsword Online shop items free!

Please note that this rewards website is completely legit. All prizes are bought, meaning that the game developers always get their money.

How Does This Work?

Earn points by participating in surveys and offers, and redeem them for a games codes! Alternatively: Just log-in daily and be rewarded with active bonus points. In fact you don't even need to participate in anything you don't want to. Of course, if you do then you will be rewarded handsomely.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign up to Rewards1 using this link: .
You MUST use the link above to sign up, otherwise this won't work. Use a real email cause you'll need to activate your account from the confirmation email they send out (don't forget to check your bulk mail or spam folders). Also, this is the email the freebies site will use to send your game card to so make sure it's correct.

How Do I Earn Points?

Earn points by completing OFFERS or SPECIAL OFFERS.
Sign into Rewards1 and go to the EARN menu and select OFFERS or SPECIAL OFFERS. Pick one, follow the directions and complete the offer to receive the points indicated. Repeat until you have enough points to get what you want! Learn more

How Do I Cash My Points For K-Ching?

Click Redeem and fill out the form.
Make sure you specify what you want clearly. Request a Ultimate Game Card to the email address provided when you signed up to Rewards1. else Custom Order a 150 K-Ching, 400 K-Ching, 2,000 K-Ching, 3,000 K-Ching, 5,000 K-Ching, 12,500 K-Ching, 22,500 K-Ching. Ultimate Game Card from the Elsword Online game shop using this link:

What Exactly Is Rewards1?

Rewards1 is a rewards site where users can earn points by participating in offers, surveys, tasks, games, etc., and redeem them for cash and prizes.
Rewards1 has been around since 2007 and they've given away millions in free stuff over the years. The points earned can be redeemed for pretty much anything - they give away video games, XBL codes, UGC codes, Amazon Giftcards, etc.

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Elsword Comic

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How to get K-Ching on Elsword Online Free ?

A quick and easy way to get a fully paid Elsword Online shop items free.

What is Elsword Online ?

Elsword is a free-to-play manga inspired action MMORPG featuring fast paced gameplay and stunning animation. Lastly, there is no obligation to pay for playing Elsword Online. However, there are some benefits to it, such as more currency for your child's enjoyment as well some unique exclusive items.

What is K-Ching?

K-Ching is the official currency of Elsword Online. You may use K-Chings to purchase equipment, accessories, and upgrades from the Item Mall. Unused K-Chings are stored in your eWallet and shown as Game Credits on your My Account page. K-Chings come in several denominations to fit your budget. The available denominations may vary depending on your preferred Payment Options.

How This Works ?

Free Elsword Online K-Ching is sponsored by, a site which rewards members for their online participation. Members earn points from a variety of activities, and can cash out for free rewards such as Elsword Online Shop Items!

How To Get Started ?

Step 1: Go to (Opens in new tab) Rewards1 is a very good GPT (Get Paid to)   website that offers a variety of ways to get points. You should see a screen like this. Sign in if you have an account, or make a free one if you don’t.

How To Earn points ?

Step 2: Once you have created your account and have verified your email, it’s time to start earning points. There are a few good ways to get points on this website. Take part in surveys and contests, watch videos, participate in contests, even play games. Personally I recommend starting by completing the daily poll. There are a few once a day surveys that you can complete. Each survey gives you 1 point, which is pretty good for just answering a question.

The second way of getting points is by completing offers. Sign into Rewards1 and go to the EARN menu and select OFFERS or SPECIAL OFFERS. Pick one, follow the directions and complete the offer to receive the points indicated. This is where having a extra e-mail account comes in handy because you will be spammed with junk mail. Offers that are worth under 150 points usually take less than 2 minutes to complete, and things go faster if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. On average, its possible to make up to 500 - 1000 points per hour, meaning in less than 2 hours which can be redeemed for free rewards such as Amazon gift cards, XBox Live, video games, Ultimate Game Card codes, iTunes, Elsword Online clothes, etc.

How to Redeem for K-Ching ?

Step3: Once you have enough points for the game code (Right now it’s currently priced 875 points) You can choose to cash out your points for the $10 Ultimate Game Card. To do so, hover over the “Redeem” on the menu bar, and click “Game Codes”. Code Rewards are emailed to your account email on file, so make sure this information is accurate. Now, go to the email account that you used to sign up here and you should have the gift code emailed to you within an hour. Nothing else to say but go to https://store.Elsword and redeem the code you just received. Your Elsword Online items in the Item Mall is now fully paid for!

Here is a screen shot of when I activated my own gift code:

How Do I Load Up K-Ching?

To use the eWallet service and Load Up with K-Chings, you must have a registered Elsword Online account. From the Elsword Online home page, log in with your email address and password, and you will automatically be taken to your My Account page. From the eWallet tab, choose Ultimate Game Card (UGC)

How to Load Up using UGC:

On the load up page, select the Prepaid Card payment option. Select UGC and click on Proceed. Select a K-Ching denomination and click on Checkout. Enter the UGC Pin code in the appropriate field EXACTLY as it appears on the card. Click 'Add Card' and wait for the page confirmation. Purchased K-Chings will be deposited to your account and will be reflected in the Account summary and transaction history sections.

Is it safe?

Yes! It is. Rewards1 gets paid for putting up offers on their site. We do the offers so the people who made the offer are actually getting noticed. When you request a prize, rewards1 uses the money they got for your prize. So in the end, it all makes sense :)

How do I do offers?

Doing offers is easier than it looks. Simply click on an offer you want to do. Follow the instructions described below the offer, and voila. You get the points. Most offers all you have to do is provide your email address, and confirm it, or simply like a Facebook page, so yes it really is 100% free.

Tips on doing offers

~ Clear your cookies before doing an offer
~ Make a spam email account for offers
~ Always do free offers (never give away credit card information!)
~ If your untrusting about providing your name and postcode in the details section of a survey, just make one up. It won't effect the points you'll be credited one bit!
~ Leave the last page open on an offer to make sure you get credited
~ I heard Firefox is best for doing offers
~ Download offers use program Sandboxie does the trick

For more information or if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me via the comments section below, have fun!

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account per IP Address permitted.

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How To Get Elsword Online K-Ching?

Please fill out your email address, and you will instantly receive a link in your E-mail to activate your Rewards1 account. These invitations do not have cash value.

We have sent you an email with an activation link for you to click. That will complete your registration and allow you to login. Please check your inbox.

ATTENTION: Due to abuse of automated entries, Only one
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